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DURATION: 9 month Full Time Program

Thu, 17 January 2019

PROFILES: Graduates and PhDs in Health and Life Sciences Engineering, Business and Design.

LOCATIONS: Hospital Clínic - Germans Tries i Pujol Hospital - Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus - Barcelona Science Park

LANGUAGES: English/Spanish


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements to get accepted in the program?
Moebio seeks diversity. Instead of looking for an “ideal candidate”, we invite applicants with different sets of skills, accomplishments and aspirations to take part in our community. To create a dynamic environment where everyone can learn from each other, we seek participants coming from either a business, clinical, engineering or design background. The requirements to get accepted to the program thus vary according to the applicants’ background and can be found here: Who is this program for

How many seats are available?
The fourth edition of d·Health Barcelona will welcome a maximum of 12 fellows. Because of the program hands-on approach, a small intake will allow for a more personalized approach and a better learning environment for everyone, enabling more sharing of personal experiences.

Will I get a certificate after completing the program?

All the participants who successfully complete d·Health Barcelona will receive a personal certificate from Moebio attesting their participation and complition of the program. 

How are teams created? Do they remain the same during the program?
Teams will be created at the beginning of the program, during the bootcamp, where participants will be taking part in different workshops, helping them to get to know the other participants and decide who they would like to team up with. This being said, teams have to be approved by the Academic Director, making sure that each team is composed of members coming from different backgrounds, making it multidisciplinary. Note that teams will remain the same for the entire program, as every team will be working on developing their product and later establishing a new venture. 

Is there a final exam at the end of the program?

d·Health Barcelona is a practical and ongoing learning experience thus its participants are not required to sit any exams. Rather, the participants’ efforts and projects will be constantly evaluated during the entire program. 

Can I work during the program?
d·Health Barcelona is a full-time program and requires a high level of commitment from its participants during the nine months of its duration. It is therefore very unlikely that its participants will be able to keep a job aside while completing the program.


What will I be able to do after I graduate?
Design Health Barcelona’s main objective is for its participants to create new ventures together with their respective teams. Upon the completion of the program, the fellows will therefore be able to work as entrepreneurs and run their own businesses. Some of our former fellows already did it: Emerged Start-ups from d·HEALTH Barcelona

d·HEALTH Barcelona can also give you access to fascinating careers in related fields such as intrapreneurship, innovation management and entrepreneurial finance.
Examples of opportunities for d·HEALTH Barcelona graduates are joining...
· The innovation department of a tertiary university hospital
· The innovation department of a medtech company or pharma company
· A big established medtech company
· Another SME medtech venture
· A venture capital specialized in healthcare · A healthcare incubator

d·HEALTH Barcelona can connect you to the most influentplayers of the biomedical sector, giving you access to a pool of interesting entrepreneurship andemployment opportunities.


I already run my own company/startup, is this program for me?
Design Health Barcelona is a program designed for people who wish to become entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector. Applicants who created their own startups in the past, but who are free now and fulfill the admission criteria are more than welcome to apply to Design Health Barcelona. This being said, entrepreneurs, just like other program applicants, should be ready to work and get involved in the creation of a new venture, from scratch, during the program.

What if I already have an idea on which I would like to build on?
If you already have an idea that you are currently working on, we strongly suggest finding other venues, such as joining a health incubator.  d·HEALTH Barcelona is a program for those with an interest in starting a venture in the healthcare industry, but that do not have a concrete business idea to pursue. 

I don't know anything about Medicine, does that matter? I don't know anything about Business, does that matter?
Design Health Barcelona is open to applicants coming from four specific backgrounds (Medical, Business, Engineering and Design); the reason being that knowledge from these fields are all equally important in order to create and run a successful startup in healthcare. It is assumed that candidates do not have expertise in more than one of these fields, and this will be compensated by creating multidisciplinary teams during the program, ideally with one member from each background, so that everyone can contribute and learn from each other. While knowledge across these fields is a plus, what does matter is that applying candidates can demonstrate strong knowledge in their primary field, and an interest in learning about other academic disciplines. 

Is this program open to international students?
Design Health Barcelona fully welcomes international students to apply for its program. Note that in addition to speaking fluent English, international students should be able to understand Spanish or Catalan, as they will be in contact with these languages while in clinical immersion.

I am working and older than 35. Can I apply?  
Anybody who fulfills the admission criteria, regardless of age or any other personal characteristic is more than welcome to apply for Design Health Barcelona. However, applicants who are already employed, just like other program applicants, should note that Design Health Barcelona is a full time program, thus they are very unlikely to be able to keep assuming responsibilities for their current employers. Also, they should be ready to work and get involved in the creation of a new venture, from scratch, without the support or interest of their current employer.


What if I can't agree with my teammates on the direction to take? Can I go on my own?
No, Design Health Barcelona does not let its entrepreneurs go solo. One of the main program goals is to create multidisciplinary teams with expertise in different fields needed to create and run successful startups in healthcare, and allow everyone to learn from each other. This is not always easy, and disagrements will be part of everybody’s learning experience. Design Health Barcelona thus gives support to its participants to learn how to build strong teams and manage their internal conflicts during the full program duration.

To what extent will participating in the program help me to finance the startup created?
Design Health Barcelona trains its participants to develop products that are highly needed in today’s healthcare systems, create sound business models around them, and work out catchy presentations to pitch in front of investors during the demo day. While nothing can fully guarantee that entrepreneurs will receive funding, all Design Health Barcelona participants will be provided with the best opportunities to seek external financing.

Who should I contact if I have a question regarding my application status or if I haven’t found the information I was looking for?
Please feel free to contact should you have any questions concerning your application status or you need further information about the program.


How will my application be evaluated?
Moebio is looking for ambitious candidates who have appetite for risk and like to face new challenges, on top of showing strong personal and ethical values.

Through the entire admission process, applications will be evaluated by weighting three main criterias:

- Applicant’s ability to demonstrate strong knowledge in their primary field, including proving relevant education and/or experience
- Applicant’s ability to demonstrate strong interpersonal skills (during interviews)
- Applicant’s ability to demonstrate creativity skills (during interviews)

When should I expect an invitation for an interview?

Candidates can expect to be contacted by phone by the Moebio admission office not more than a week after submitting the application form online to schedule both interviews.