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DURATION: 9 month Full Time Program

Thu, 18 January 2018

PROFILES: Graduates and PhDs in Health, Bio, Tech, Business and Design.

LOCATIONS: Hospital Clínic - Hospital Sant Joan de Déu - Institut Guttmann - Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus - Barcelona Science Park

LANGUAGES: English/Spanish

TUITION: 7.000 eur (10% early bird discount until June 30, 2017)


The Fellows

Class of 2017

Mireia Aleu


I am 24 years old and I live in Barcelona. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design Engineering from Elisava. I have worked at HP Inc. as a Designer for more than two years; I was part of the multidisciplinary team who developed the Multijet Fusion 3D Printer. I am a very creative person and I am used to work in very heterogeneous environments with people from different disciplines and cultures. I am good at doing sports such as cycling and playing instruments. I would like to contribute on making people’s life better in the health field. In my opinion, d·HEALTh is the best way to learn about the health ecosystem. I expect to meet the best professionals and teammates and to create something disruptive that can change the world.

Maria Fernández


I was born in Barcelona 25 years ago. I love science! During my bachelor in Biomedical Sciences (Univesitat de Barcelona) my interest in developmental biology and genetics started. I completed my thesis in planarian regeneration in Germany. After this wonderful time in the basic research field, I started a master in Clinical Analysis Laboratories (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), where I had the chance to get familiarized with the clinical area of the healthcare system. For the last year, I have been working for a big pharmaceutical and medical devices company. I am constantly seeking answers to the unknown, I consider myself a curious and perseverant person and I don’t get tired of keep learning and discovering areas of knowledge. Besides, I am a futsal and travel lover. My sports passion leads me to be a good team-working person while my travels have always been the best lessons I’ve received. They have taught me to be open-minded, respectful and communicative. With d·HEALTH Barcelona, I seek to achieve and acquire useful skills and knowledge that allow me to become a healthcare innovator. I would love to dedicate my time and effort to a project I do believe in, that could allow to, somehow, improve people’s lives.

Vanessa Gurie


I’m 37 years old and I was born in sunny Durban, South Africa. My background is working in health care environments and teams seeking new strategic direction, significant operational improvements, critical cultural shifts, leadership capability development, develop a meaningful corporate vision, and being a mover and shaker in health care with regards to researching injury trends and innovation of solutions. I have a Masters in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy and an MBA in Finance. My past positions include heading Physiotherapy departments in hospital settings and being on the field primary health care provider for various sports teams. I have also headed the Performance Medicine Departments for various shows in 45 countries globally and my most recent role was the Senior Head Therapist for the Touring Show Division for the Cirque du Soleil leading Performance Medicine teams for 12 shows globally. I’m good at always intending for my actions to have a positive impact on others. I like to mobilize. Basically, I had chosen the health care to understand people in their most vulnerable times and to help to find solutions for them. I think I am good at helping people focus on how to change their attitudes or behaviors to be happier holistically. My wish is to be able to able to always have a meaningful impact in health care that can restore hope for another person. My expectations from the program is to put in motion a collaboration with some of the world’s innovative minds working with a biopsychosocial approach to be a mover and shaker in health care design.

Enrique Hernández


Born in Soria in 1989, I moved to Lleida to study a degree in Biotechnology. My interest in science started making an internship in the United States. I took part into an Erasmus study program in the University of Florence where I specialized in the biomedical area. I have finished my PhD in La Paz Hospital in Madrid studying the reprogramming of the innate immune response in different pathologies. On the personal side, I am a pragmatic person and I manage my own stress. Although I appreciate teamwork leading ideas, I also consider myself an independent person and self-motivated. d·HEALTH Barcelona will be an excellent opportunity to use my biomedical knowledge for the benefit of patients suffering from a wide range of diseases. I would like to contribute not only in an academic field, but also in a practical way where society benefits from my work.

Francisca Marzullo


I’m 35 years old and I’m from Chile. I’m married and I have a gorgeous little boy. I got an Industrial Engineering degree with a diploma in Bioprocess Engineering. This degree provided me skills to evaluate and develop industrial processes, skills that were reinforced throughout a Master of Science in Engineering. I’ve worked in a Chemical Company where I held management and board positions. I worked as well as a volunteer in a hospital with Cancer patients, teaching yoga and making visits to support them during their treatments. I’m good at planning, organizing and getting things done. My dream is to create and develop an innovative and high impact initiative to improve the quality of life of many others. I expect my participation in d·HEALTH Barcelona will help me achieve this dream, by exposing me to new tools, new people with similar interests and to the health innovation ecosystem.

Eduard Soler


I am 24 years old and I was born in Barcelona city during the Olympic games. I studied Pharmacy degree in Barcelona University during the last 5 years. Although I have been enrolled in the family business (pharmacy office) during the last 3 years as a manager. In the last year I have joined the Infonomia team doing an internship with all their health projects. Also I had done internships in San Francisco and in Singapore.This year I have participated in several acts about Biotech and I had participated in a Hakatong. My skills are leadership and open mind. Working at my family business and Infonomia have developed on me an open mind leadership that encourage me to create and convince about the new project and ideas that I want to be part. I really want to be part of the innovative area in Barcelona and then to the world, that is why I very open to learn as much as I can from the best professionals and enrol myself as many projects I could. I am also very happy to be part of this new master that brings a new methodology of learning and I am very enthusiastic about the internship at the hospitals.

Nico Facuri


I’m 38 years old and I’m from São Paulo, Brasil. I’m an engineer and entrepreneur. I have experience in a varied range of companies in different industry sectors. From automotive to content publishing, small to big structures. Since 2003, I’ve been working with business creation and innovation and since 2009 in Mobile Technology. In 2012, I co-founded Knowlodge, a successful digital publishing company in São Paulo, Brasil. This wide range of references helps me to understand better customer needs and invent solutions inspired from crossed inputs. Change. That’s what fuels me. My goal is to build an innovative company, through well proposed solutions, creating relevant social impact. I discovered the d·HEALTH program after a considerable amount of research over the Health technology ecosystem. The program method make a lot of sense to me and I expect to develop my technical background, meet inspiring people, and deliver a relevant solution to market, starting a company.

Eduard Guerrero


I’m 24 and I come from a village near Lleida where I work as a pharmacist in my family business. I studied pharmacy at the University of Barcelona and at the University of Texas, Austin (during a term). I worked as a laboratory assistant in a quality control laboratory at Argal and as research assistant at IRB, Lleida. My wish is to entrepreneur in the health field and contribute to improve the healthcare system. My strong points are learning eagerness, perseverance and teamwork. I enjoy working with people of different backgrounds and cultures as a group and I do believe it is the best way to get more disruptive ideas. I believe that d·HEALTH program is the place to solve all the questions I have in order to enter in the health entrepreneur world and learn the knowledge needed from high qualified professionals

Sara Hernández Ortega


I was born in Elche in 1986 and in 2004 I moved to Catalonia where I completed a BSc in Biotechnology at the Universitat de Vic (UVic). During that period, my interest for biological processes emerged, leading me to pursue a Master's degree in Biomedicine at the University of Barcelona (UB) and in 2014 I obtained a PhD in molecular biology at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC). At the UIC I taught biochemistry to medicine and dentistry students, whereas my research work was focused on the study of the role of the new human cyclins in cancer. In 2015, I spent 3 months at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) while developing new projects. All this experience allowed me to develop my skills: perseverance, analytical mind, oral communication and leadership capacities. At the present moment, I am seeking to translate all this knowledge into real solutions for society and I strongly believe that the d·HEALTH program will provide me all the skills and tools needed to accomplish this goal.

Bas Kuilboer


I am 26 years old and I come from the Netherlands. In Groningen, I have studied Business Administration and at the end of my studies, I did a research internship for an innovative online health education institute, owned by the University Medical Center Utrecht. Because of this experience, I got highly interested in the healthcare industry and the opportunities to improve this industry. This is the main reason why I have chosen for this specific Master’s program. What I expect to learn from this program is to gain a lot of valuable knowledge about a very specific area in the healthcare industry and how to actually solve an existing socially problem with a diverse group. In the earlier phase of my studies, I had the opportunity of doing an internship in microfinance in Nicaragua. This is where I learned Spanish for the first time and I absolutely loved it. After this, I went to Colombia for 5 months for an exchange. My main hobby now is improving my Spanish.

Marc Rafat


Born in Manresa in 1978, in a family of doctors I am the engineer one. Trained as a Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Scheduling Engineer, and Master in Business Innovation, I have been working in Germany and Spain always at different responsibilities level within the complex automotive style engineering projects. My job experience encompasses from crazy concept generation to highly rational product industrialization, but where I excel is as a Project Manager, having led multidisciplinary international projects for more than ten years. I’m an optimistic, passionate, creative, nonconformist and sometimes chaotic engineer in love with nature and especially with mountains. After a lifetime changing experience, finally I’ve found my passion and the purpose in life. Nobody else should die for the reason my wife did. Committed to my goal I enrolled in the d·HEALTH program where I expect to find the necessary levers to succeed.