Short Programs 2020

Broaden your skills and knowledge throught short-time training with long-term value

Medical Devices II: Market Access
This pack of lectures provides knowledge about the main elements to consider and work with when introducing a medtech product into the market...
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4 sessions
Short Program: Entrepreneurship and Management
This pack of lectures is geared towards professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to learn new tools and approaches in order to run their...
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5 sessions
Trends in Digital Health
This pack of lectures is geared towards professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to learn new tools in the field of digital health. The topics...
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5 sessions
Claus per Bioemprendre
Sharing the experiences of successful entrepreneurs in the healthcare arena helps raise awareness of role models for other researchers in the sector...
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3 sessions
Medical Devices I: Product Development
This pack of lectures covers key aspects in the process of the conceptualization and creation of medtech product. Students will learn about biomedical...
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7 sessions
Keys to Entrepreneurship in Medtech and Digital Health
This course will show you the personal experience of some of the leading medical technology and digital health entrepreneurs who are running...
4 sessions
E-Pitch Training Program
Coming up with a perfect pitch and performance is crucial when it comes to selling your business proposal and is normally one of the weaknesses that...
Coming soon
2 sessions
Sign up for "Brain Health for Life" Short Program
Did you know that one out of four people in the world suffers from neurological, psychiatric, mental and cerebral disabilities? Brain diseases are a...
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1 sessions

Which program fits you more?

Design Health Barcelona

  • If you don't have a team nor a business idea/technology.
  • If you are a graduate/PhD in Science, Engineering, Design or Business
  • If you are planning to stay or to move to Barcelona for 6 months

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Craash Barcelona

  • If you are already working on a healthtech technology
  • If you are part of a research group or start-up
  • If you have availability to travel 4 times for 3-5 days (the rest of the program is online)

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Short programs

  • If you work in the industry and need a quick update or broader knowledge in life science and healthcare themes.
  • If you are involved in biomedical research and interested in starting your own company and learn about the career options in healthcare beyond academia

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What our alumni say about us

Vanessa Gurie
d·HEALTH Barcelona
Founder & COO at I-Ophthalmology / Global leadershhip managment associate at Boston Scientific

One of the most surprising things I have learned during d·HEALTH Barcelona is how challenging it is to identify compelling, unique, and insightful clinical needs. I did not anticipate that this experience would challenge my medical knowledge and allow me to question my assumptions.

Anna Echegaray
d·HEALTH Barcelona
Digital Health Designer at DKV

As a result of the clinical immersion in Design Health Barcelona I co-founded my own project. I have been combining it with a position as a digital health processes designer at DKV . When you design for health, you think about your patient as you would the user of any other product.                                                                            

Marina Rincon
d·HEALTH Barcelona
Business developer and Planning analyst at Brooks Rehabilitation

I came from an extremely clinical background and d·HEALTH Barcelona gave me a new, global perspective of the health care sector. The program showed me other realities, for example, how hospitals are managed, how to start a business in the healthcare sector, and, above all, how to design solutions that address patients’ needs.

Marc Benet
d·HEALTH Barcelona
QA/QC, RA, RM and Co-founder at usMIMA

I have always been interested in finding a way to make my contribution to the healthcare sector by designing new products. I think in this sector there’s a huge need for creative minds that are a fresh slate, not tainted by established procedures, who can contribute groundbreaking ideas, like product designers.

Lalis Fontcuberta
d·HEALTH Barcelona
Lean Management Projects at Comtec Quality and Instituto Lean Management

I’m passionate about the healthcare sector because it is very gratifying to know that the work you put so many hours into each day has a direct impact on quality of life for healthcare professionals and patients: all your efforts have very tangible rewards. Design Health Barcelona gave me skills that I’ve been able to apply not only to my work in the healthcare sector but also to every other area of my life.