Training new talent

Moebio gave me skills that I’ve been able to apply not only to my work in the healthcare sector but also to every other area of my life
Lalis Fontcuberta, d·HEALTH Barcelona Fellow and Lean management Specialist.

More alumni testimonials

  • +90 participants in long-term programs
  • +30% international participants from 12 different countries
  • 95% alumni working on innovation positions
  • +200 people trained in short programs

Accelerating teams and technologies

Thanks to Moebio we have met an international network of mentors that helped us ensure the market fit of our solution: a low-cost, lightweight and easy-to-use exoskeleton that assists people with spinal cord injury. The program has also allowed us extend the scope of our project both in Europe and US
Alfons Carnicero, participant at CRAASH Barcelona and Co-founder and CEO of ABLE
  • 96%success rate
  • 35 projects accelerated
  • 7 products on the market
  • +20M€ raised

Improving hospital's excellence

"The fellows' work was key in helping us realize that we could accompany our clinical excellence with a better experience for patients. Now, the goal of improving patient experience is one of our strategic aims"
David Font, Hospital Clinic Strategy and Planning Directorate
  • 5 top-level hospitals
  • 12 clinical areas
  • +4,600 needs identified
  • +2,600 interviews

Links with the industry

"Collaborating with Moebio gave us a first-hand look at all sorts of unmet needs in a unit that is key for us"

Joan Torrejón, director of the Chiesi Retail Unit

MOEBIO works to continue strengthening the program’s bonds with companies in the sector. Some companies that have already partnered with our programs are:

  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Chiesi
  • Ferrer
  • Accenture
  • Fundació Banc Sabadell
  • Sanofi