Call for projects

CRAASH Barcelona is looking for projects meeting the following requirements:

  • Top-notch healthtech technology

    Top-notch healthtech technology

    Diagnostics, devices, and digital health. Not including: drug discovery, drug development

  • Catalan projects

    Catalan projects & startups

    Emerging from research centers, health research institutes, universities or "garages" in the BioRegion of Catalonia.

  • Technology Readiness Level

    Innovation Maturity Level

    • Research projects and startups, with a TRL (IML) of 3-5:
      • From in vitro and in vivo research models to set initial PoC (Diagnostics) and PoC prototypes (Digital and Medtech), to preparing for clinical trials.
    • Both research projects and established companies can apply.
  • Each team should consist of a minimum of three members

    Teams of at least three

    • Entrepreneurial lead: focuses on the overall business objectives, customer definition, business plan and coordinates the team’s work. No need for a business background.
    • Technical lead: focuses on the available technology options, requirements and architectural issues.
    • Clinical lead: focuses on the medical and healthcare delivery issues.

    *Contact us in case your team is missing a profile: Pilar Puig

When evaluating applications, CRAASH Barcelona will consider the following criteria:

  • Overall project quality

    The project is of great quality and credible in its proposed approach.

  • Market opportunity / Business potential

    The proposal demonstrates a clear market need/challenge as well as a method to take advantage of that need/challenge.

  • Pathway to impact

    Assuming the solution works as intended, rate the project on its likelihood of impacting patients in under 3 to 5 years.

  • Team / Resources

    The team will be rated on the team and available resources, considering the project’s maturity level, including: Mix of team members, demonstrated interest in commercialization. quality of skills/experience, etc.

Teams will need to commit themselves to:


  • Participate in the level-up virtual session, kick-off meeting (Barcelona) and BCN week.
  • Participate in the online mentoring sessions with experts mentors and faculty
  • Participate in the online masterclasses on the relevant topics for developing their business models
  • Conducting the minimum number of interviews required by the program
  • Participate in the online soft landing session in international markets and peer to peer sessions (Holland and Germany)
  • The entrepreneurial lead must follow at least 90% of the activities whereas the clinical and the technical leads are expected to attend at least 80% of the activities mentioned above. In the event of not respecting these rules, Biocat is free to terminate the project's participation in the program. Besides, each team needs to cover its own traveling and accommodation expenses to Barcelona - if any - and to Boston.


In total, to develop all the mentioned activities, each team is expected to invest 40 hours per week, to follow the program. 

CRAASH Barcelona is free of charge for the participants, and the promoters do not take equity either. In return, in case a project or startup achieves a successful event, a scheme of profit sharing has been designed. Read more.