Call for projects

CRAASH Barcelona is looking for projects meeting the following requirements:

  • Top-notch healthtech technology

    Top-notch healthtech technology

    Diagnostics, devices, and e/digital health. Not including: drug discovery, drug development

  • European projects

    European projects

    Emerging from research centers, health research institutes or universities in the BioRegion of Catalonia or other European Ecosystems.

  • Technology Readiness Level

    Technology Readiness Level

    • Research project not yet incorporated, with a TRL of 3-4:
      • Proof of concept: Key component concepts validated in models and articulated value proposition.
      • Proof of feasibility: Feasibility of whole solution demonstrated in models and value for key stakeholders.
    • Established companies can also apply if they are looking for an application in healthcare for their technology and/or searching/validating their business model.
  • Each team should consist of a minimum of three members

    Each team should consist of a minimum of three members

    CRAASH Barcelona can help incomplete teams find the missing profile or profiles.

    • Technical lead: focuses on the available technology options, requirements and architectural issues.
    • Clinical lead: focuses on the medical and healthcare delivery issues.
    • Entrepreneurial lead: focuses on the overall business objectives, customer definition, business plan and is responsible for coordinating the team's work. This person does not need to have a business background.