Call for projects

CRAASH Barcelona is looking for projects meeting the following requirements:

  • Top-notch healthtech technology

    Top-notch healthtech technology

    Diagnostics, devices, and e/digital health. Not including: drug discovery, drug development

  • European projects

    European projects

    Emerging from research centers, health research institutes or universities in the BioRegion of Catalonia or other European Ecosystems.

  • Technology Readiness Level

    Technology Readiness Level

    • Research project not yet incorporated, with a TRL of 3-4:
      • Proof of concept: Key component concepts validated in models and articulated value proposition.
      • Proof of feasibility: Feasibility of whole solution demonstrated in models and value for key stakeholders.
    • Established companies can also apply if they are looking for an application in healthcare for their technology and/or searching/validating their business model.
  • Each team should consist of a minimum of three members

    Each team should consist of a minimum of three members

    CRAASH Barcelona can help incomplete teams find the missing profile or profiles.

    • Technical lead: focuses on the available technology options, requirements and architectural issues.
    • Clinical lead: focuses on the medical and healthcare delivery issues.
    • Entrepreneurial lead: focuses on the overall business objectives, customer definition, business plan and is responsible for coordinating the team's work. This person does not need to have a business background.

When evaluating applications, CRAASH Barcelona will consider the following criteria:

  • Problem / Need

    The proposed healthtech solution is ranked on the importance of the nedd addressed -a mix of severity and number of people impacted.

  • Solution Status / Readiness

    The prior work is of high quality and demonstrates that the proposed solution is at or beyond "Proof of Concept" stage.

  • Pathway to impact

    Assuming the solution works as intended, the project has a probable pathway (regulatory, reimbursement, switching cost, etc.) to reach patient care in under 3 to 5 years.

  • Team / Resources

    The team has, or has access to, the right mix, quality of skills at the project’s maturity level and has a clear interest in commercialization.

  • Endorsement

    The team has support from the institution that controls the IP to participate (applies if the IP is held by an institution such as university, hospital, etc., and not small company).