The Program



In this phase, teams define their value proposition and validate their problem-solution and solution-market fit, specifically for the healthtech market.

Teams get out of their comfort zone, conducting discovery interviews with key stakeholders to understand their needs, test hypotheses, and develop and validate value propositions and business models.

Each team is assigned an executive from the CIMIT Accelerator Team, made up of successful healthcare entrepreneurs, commercialization experts and investors who provide one-on-one mentoring throughout the program. Furthermore, teams interact each week with this panel of experts in Boston, presenting and defending their findings, attending lectures and doing readings. Teams receive feedback, helping balance the competing risks they face in making decisions.ons.

Barcelona Kick-off

(3 days)

When: September 6-8, 2021

  • Program introduction
  • Get together and networking
  • Mentor and team introductions
  • Custom discovery

Mentoring & Masterclasses

When: September - November, 2021

9 weekly online masterclasses and feedback rounds: Tuesdays at 10 am Boston time / 4 pm Barcelona time

Phase II

European Immersion

During the European immersion, participants dive into the Catalan, Spanish and Dutch healthcare and life sciences ecosystems.* 

Teams learn how to communicate and refine their pitch to investors. They also have the chance to forge connections with other top European health startups through a collaboration with the German MedTech bootcamp.

*The program may vary depending on the evolution of Covid-19 situation

Barcelona face-to-face

When: 3 days in October (TBD)

Teams will spend 3 days getting to know the Catalan and Spanish ecosystem and get intensive training on investment and persuasive communication. 

Dutch market: virtual immersion

When: 2 days in October (TBD) online

The Delft University of Technology will host 2 days of sessions to cover the most relevant aspects of the Dutch reimbursement system and healthcare market. Teams will meet successful Dutch entrepreneurs, among other activities.

Catalan & Spanish market: virtual immersion

When: 2 days in October (TBD) online

Teams will get an overview of the Catalan and Spanish healthcare systems. They will learn how to build a successful founding team and how reimbursement works in Spain. Dutch projects and startups will join the sessions. 

Phase III

US immersion

CRAASH Barcelona gives participants networking and market validation opportunities with experts and institutions from the top healthcare and life sciences ecosystem in the world: Boston.*

One of the most significant benefits of the CRAASH Barcelona program is the interaction with the Boston life sciences ecosystem, one of the strongest in the world. Teams have the chance to forge connections with the Boston ecosystem and pitch their projects to the investment community in the region.

*The program may vary depending on the evolution of Covid-19 situation

Boston immersion

When: Last quarter 2021

Teams will travel to Boston to polish and give their pitch to the Boston ecosystem, in order to improve their capabilities and expand their network.

Teams will also meet with stakeholders from Boston in order to extend their customer validation.