The projects selected to participate in CRAASH Barcelona 2022 are:


    The project offers an AI-driven ecosystem for oxygen individualization and prevention of exacerbations. An unique platform for clinical relevance-AI-based solution thought for COPD patients.

    CRAASH Barcelona
  • B-triage

    Project from Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) to develop a cheap, quick and user-friendly PoC test based on host biomarkers for risk stratification of febrile patients.

    CRAASH Barcelona
  • Heecap

    The project offers a non-invasive solution to prevent diaphragmatic atrophy in ICU patients that are connected to mechanical ventilators and help them through mechanisms of action to synchronize breathing.

    CRAASH Barcelona
  • Manina Medtech

    The project offers a point-of-care device that non-invasively detects uterine readiness for immediate results, allowing test and transfer on the same day for embryo transfer.

    CRAASH Barcelona
  • pHill

    A project from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) that offers a capsule-based pHmetry test without the need of a probe and by means of a practical placement method. 

    CRAASH Barcelona
  • RegeCure

    Project from IQS to develop a microneedles platform that locally delivers miRNA to boost muscle regeneration.

    CRAASH Barcelona