Moebio has helped create and/or accelerate the following new start-ups in the life sciences and healthcare industry.

  • ColorSensing. Tracking true colors


    Technology that helps food manufacturers and retailers to cut down food waste and add quality to their products thanks to a low-cost and quantitative food freshness indicator.

    d·HEALTH Barcelona
  • logo flomics

    Flomics Biotech

    Flomics is a biotechnology company operating in the field of genomics, bioinformatics and NGS. We are developing a novel multicancer screening solution to be implemented in the clinical practice.

  • logo happy injections

    Happy Injections

    The startup creates the new standard for pediatric blood extractions and vaccination.

  • HealthQuay


    An international initiative out of MIT that aims to connect cancer patients to the best treatment available worldwide by analyzing the unique characteristics of each type of patient and cancer.

    d·HEALTH Barcelona
  • Heecap


    An innovative solution to keep the diaphragmatic strength of patients by using non-invasive electrostimulation. The device speeds up the breathing recovery and shortens the days in mechanical ventilation, allowing the patient to have an earlier return to normal life.

    d·HEALTH Barcelona
  • i-Ophthalmology


    Digital health technology to connect remote patients with ophthalmologists.

    d·HEALTH Barcelona
  • iBreve


    A wearable device to improve stress resilience by analyzing users’ breathing patterns with machine learning.

    CRAASH Barcelona
  • logo innitius


    Innitius’ medical devices develop a novel technology called Torsional Waves, a type of shear elastic waves that propagate through soft tissue, radially and in-depth in a curled geometry.