Moebio has helped create and/or accelerate the following new start-ups in the life sciences and healthcare industry.

  • Loop Dx

    Loop Dx

    A diagnostic device to identify blood infection faster in patients suspected of having sepsis in order to reduce mortality rates.

    d·HEALTH Barcelona
  • Methinks


    Methinks uses deep learning techniques to analise neuroimaging for early diagnosis of Alzheimer disease and other brain related diseases. They have built a software model that understands magnetic resonance images and is capable of creating a diagnosing test with very few clinical samples.

    CRAASH Barcelona
  • Mowoot


    Non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive solution to chronic constipation in the form of a wearable device that emulates the colon-specific massage techniques of professional therapists.

    d·HEALTH Barcelona
  • My-qup Medical

    My-qup Medical

    Medical device for fecal incontinence.


    d·HEALTH Barcelona
  • NutriBrain


    Nootropic food supplements for the general public

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  • logo smart flora2

    Smart Flora

    Smart Flora helps people with gut problems to regain their life quality through personalised probiotics. Our proprietary, data-driven method predicts which is the right probiotic for each person to restore their gut health and well-being.

  • logo smiletronix


    Smiletronix have developed an app that helps you keep track and advance oral health with image sensors to capture a full, comprehensive view of your teeth and gums.

  • Smplest Drug Tets


    Simple drug tests that aim to make harm reduction available to all users by helping quickly determine which compounds and substance are really in recreational drugs

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